Thermosens is a relatively new product.  Being a Thermoplastic it is more suited to partial dentures than Acrylic (MMA), which has traditionally been used for partial and full dentures.

Acrylic usually needs wire retainers to keep the denture in when used for partial dentures.  Acrylic, due to its brittle behavior is not suitable for dentures where the replacement denture tooth is isolated or for free end saddle areas such as partial lower dentures where the posterior teeth are missing and the anterior teeth are present.

Thermosens is monomer free, needs no wires to retain the denture, is colour fast and has a much lower shrinkage rate than acrylic dentures allowing a superb fit in the patient mouth

Indicators for use of ThermoSens:

  1. partial dentures where some or many teeth are lost
  2. partial dentition where remaining teeth are worn down through injury or bruxism.  A ThermoSens over denture can be fabricated to fit over the remaining teeth, opening the vertical dimension and protecting the remaining teeth.
  3. Full dentures where the risk of dropping the dentures is elevated due to frailty of the patient, arthritis, hand or finger malady due to injury, nursing home or palliative care residences where dentures are handled by nursing staff and the residents.
  4. Cases where the long term or short term denture wearer is showing signs of allergy to the acrylic dentures.  ThermoSens has no MMA (Methyl methacrylate) and therefore is not an irritant to the soft tissue in the mouth.