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Thermosens Injection molded plastic denture material is for Full and Partial dentures. Ideally suited for patients unable or unwilling to accept other materials due to allergic reactions or other sensitivity or taste and odor problems. Thermosens dentures can be designed smaller and thinner with less bulk than other denture materials. With partial dentures, Thermosens dentures can be designed to fit where other dentures just can’t, and with NO WIRES to hold them in. Wires on partial dentures are too visible, rub the enamel off your teeth and bend out of shape easily. When you drop a Thermosens denture it will bounce not break. Acrylic dentures break and metal dentures bend. At Denture Professionals Colin Duzevich is a world leader in Thermosens overdenture design, being the first in the world to design and fit an overdenture in 2016 saving his patient a quoted $60,000 in tooth restorations.

About Thermosens

ThermoSens dentures were introduced by Vertex TM Dental, a Dutch specialist company, wanting to provide a Partial denture more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and durable.

ThermoSens is a Thermo Plastic material denture, and is the first partial denture that is monomer and acrylic free. No liquid chemicals are added to Thermosens materials during the process making it a low allergy risk denture suitable for patients unable to accept dentures made from materials that could result in allergic reactions or other sensitivity problems.

Offering options of tooth coloured and clear clasps and clear or pink base colours, your ThermoSens denture blends in perfectly, giving a more lifelike appearance. The clear disappears in the mouth while the pink overlay adds more characteristics.

Unlike some of the conventional (flexible) materials used today that are translucent and inconsistent, ThermoSens colour holds up to even the harshest liquids and foods a mouth can endure, so no worries when eating or drinking.

With conventional denture materials the colour can change, even after a few months while wearing it in your mouth, but due to the high density of our thermoplastic, liquids and consumables are practically unable to penetrate ThermoSens, ensuring minimal discolouration over time, whether a patient is a heavy coffee or tea drinker, a smoker or enjoys acidic drinks.

Dentures made of conventional materials might cause loss of taste or even irritation. Something you will never have to worry about with a ThermoSens denture. ThermoSens dentures leave the underlying tissue of the mouth healthy and leave no denture taste.

thermosens partial coloured gum base false teeththermosens partial clear denture base false teeththermosens partial clear denture base false teeth
Thermosens partial upper denture top dentures false teeth

This is a dramatic change to the profile of the client. We inserted this ThermoSens partial upper denture and full overdenture for the lower, opening his bite and giving his lips more support. I think you will agree he now looks 10 to 15 years younger. In the before photo he is wearing his old partial upper denture. At Denture Professionals we are the first Clinic in the world to manufacture our in house designed ThermoSens overdentures, creating natural functional overdentures. Where in the past treatment would have been very expensive, treatment is now financially more attractive.

The thermoplastic base will ensure that, if dropped, the impact is absorbed rather than disbursed, thus avoiding a fracture or separation, making the ThermoSens denture exceptionally strong and virtually unbreakable. ThermoSens rigid body allows a thinner denture making it lightweight and extremely comfortable so you can wear your denture with a secure fit day after day.

Unlike acrylic dentures that have an 8% shrinkage rate, ThermoSens has less than 1%, which ensures an excellent fit due to the lack of volume shrinkage.

ThermoSens dentures are suitable for full and partial denture wearers. Prosthetist Colin Duzevich says ThermoSens denture material is, in his opinion, the best denture material he has used in the last 30 years.

ThermoSens dentures are pressure and injection formed, giving more accuracy and a denser material.

before thermosens dentureafter thermosens partial upper denture
thermosens upper denturethermosens upper denture

Thermosens is a relatively new material to the Australian dental industry. In this case Dental Prosthetist Colin Duzevich is the first in the world to fabricate a Thermosens Overdenture, creating quite a  lot of interest amongst his peers, throughout the world.  In this case the patient was quoted $60,000 to restore his teeth, ground down through Bruxism. Colin decided to fabricate a denture that fitted over the existing teeth which stopped the bruxism and gave our patient a new smile and the ability to eat , without jaw pain. At a cost of just $2500 after 3 years of wear, with no adjustments other than tightening the denture at year two, the denture shown little wear. In Colin’s view Thermosens is the best Partial denture material to come to Australia in the 50 years Colin has been in the dental industry.

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