Are You Wearing Dentures?

It is very important to remind ourselves that dentures are not intended to last forever. Many denture wearers are still unaware that dentures need to be relined every two years and replaced every five years. Failure to do this may cause permanent disability to the jaw, hearing, facial muscles, stomach and bowel. This damage is slow and often not recognized until too late. It is recommended that your mouth and denture should be checked every 12 months by a denture professional.

When your denture is relined you will have a new fitting surface inside your denture this means that you may need between 2 days and 2 weeks to adjust to the closer fit. (Depending once again on age and health). Your reline should last at least 2 years.

Some discomfort may be experienced due to the closer fit. If soreness occurs rinse with cold water or suck on ice as this will reduce any swelling. If bruising occurs then leave your denture out overnight. If pain persists call your denture professional for an appointment.

Soft liners can be added for chronic soreness and pain caused by illness and long term denture wear. Soft liners create more grip and a shock absorbing ability to your denture.

When not to Reline a Denture

The vertical distance between the nose and the chin must be maintained at the correct distance to avoid the “granny” appearance and the teeth feeling “blunt”.

If the teeth are worn, the bite feels wrong or the dentures feel over closed, then it is generally time for a new denture, not a reline.

denture relines
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