Emergency Denture Repairs

At Denture Professionals, we understand there is never a convenient time to break your denture, that’s why we pride ourselves on the efficiency with which we repair broken, cracked and damaged dentures. Dentures that have broken or cracked through eating, have been dropped, lost teeth, lost the wires to hold them in, or been chewed by a pet, we have seen them all.

All denture repairs are treated with the utmost care and repaired in our premises by qualified staff with many years’ experience.

We are WA’s fastest denture repair service, with repairs completed usually within two hours, and WA’s only clinic offering a denture report, so that you understand what to expect from your denture post repair. Denture repairs are a common event in the denture wearers life, usually because most dentures are worn well past their use by date. The World Health Organization states that “Dentures should be replaced every 6 years and relined every two years to maintain good oral health”.

It is beneficial to have the repaired denture checked with a follow up Denture consultation so that you can remedy the cause of the break.

When a denture breaks and is repaired we are only fixing the break, not the cause of the break, so if you don’t find out what caused the break and continue to use the denture the same as before the break it may happen again.

emergency denture repairs pinjarra and rockingham 24/7

Colin Duzevich our dental prosthetist, has over 42 years treating denture patients and as such is one of Australia’s most qualified and experienced Dental Prosthetists. Daniel Duzevich our dental technician, has over 17 years in the dental laboratory. You will deal with the same people all the time at Denture Professionals.

  • Your repair will not be sent away and will be done immediately.
  • Usually your repair will be ready for you within two hours and can be done while you wait.
  • Sometimes a repair will take longer depending on the type of break and the type of material the denture is made of.
  • We will let you know how long it will take to repair your denture when you bring your denture in.
Emergency Denture Repairs

Denture Professionals Rockingham & Pinjarra are the only clinic in the Southern suburbs with the knowledge and experience to repair thermo elastic dentures.

When a denture breaks, the material the denture is made of stretches, which means each repair will have the denture feel a little different when you put it back in your mouth. When your denture is repaired it is important to remember the repair only fixes the immediate break or crack, it does not fix the cause of the break, and as such it is a good idea to have the denture examined in the mouth to determine if further remedial work is needed.

Dentures need to be checked at least once a year and if the denture is a Partial, the checks should be done twice a year due to the denture material covering where the natural teeth join the gum. This is a natural biofilm and bacteria trap and can cause gum disease and dental caries, creating the environment to lose more teeth.

The World Health Organization states dentures usually need to be relined at around two years and replaced at six years, due to the wear of the denture teeth and the entrapment of biofilm permeating the denture causing bad breath and gum disease.

Remember when we repair your denture we are only repairing the break not the cause of the break. Further investigation as to the cause will be needed to remedy further breaks.

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