BPS Dentures offer superior fit, strength & durability

Precision BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic Dentures)

A denture should radiate character, attractiveness and liveliness. Conventional dentures do not achieve consistent results nor even come close to the advanced BPS product. BPS dentures were introduced by Ivoclar Vivadent in Shaan to help the dental industry produce a better performing, aesthetically pleasing functional denture fabricating system which are also stronger and last longer than conventional dentures. BPS dentures are processed using a non allergenic material.

Using carefully matched compatible materials and techniques, with comprehensive training, and certification for Practitioners and Laboratory personnel. Only Certified Practitioners and Laboratories can manufacture BPS dentures.

before full and partial denture implantthermosens partial bottom denture, BPS full upper denture
thermosens partial bottom denture, BPS full upper denture
BPS dentures before, lipsBPS denture lip support enhance smile

Partial Thermosens lower denture combined with BPS full upper denture, giving the patients upper right side lip more support. Notice how natural these teeth look. The combination of Thermosens and BPS with Phonares teeth means the patient has longer lasting dentures which are more natural and comfortable with no wires.

BPS dentures

Our BPS Dentures are pressure formed using 6 times the pressure standard dentures are made with. That means denser acrylic which stains less, is harder to break, produces less denture breath odour and is healthier than standard dentures.

In fact BPS dentures are processed in the IVOBASE MODULE which reduces Monomer gas to just .07%, thus healthier for patients who have any illness or who have been long term denture wearers.

The Phonares teeth, we believe, are the most natural looking and hard wearing teeth in the world (left). This patient went to two other clinics and was unhappy with the unnatural looking teeth she had. No other teeth, we believe, look so real.

The balanced bite created with the STRATOS articulator give our patients greater balance of the bite with faster denture acceptance. With a two year warranty that no other clinic in Western Australia can match, BPS dentures with Phonares teeth last, on average, two and a half times longer than standard dentures.

What you can’t see in our photos, and is even more important is how the dentures are set to function when eating. Standard and cheap dentures usually are set poorly, without the proper curve of spee to match the jaw function, i.e the jaw is a ball joint on both sides near the ear. If the denture is not set to mirror the jaw movement a number of things WILL happen.

  1. The jaw joint (condyle) will wear flat over time, this may cause severe pain and jaw dysfunction called TMD. Which is very difficult and expensive to treat, with often limited benefit.
  2. Loss of alveolar bone under the dentures, in particular the lower denture. This bone loss affects the future fit of the existing and replacement dentures. To the point in some cases the denture wearer can’t wear a denture at all, or may need surgical intervention. Again expensive and often with limited benefit.
  3. Loss of support to the lips and surrounding muscles will cause the collapse of the muscles and therefore deep lines and wrinkles, ageing the face well before its time.
  4. As the bone under the denture wears away, and the old denture teeth wear down, the jaw begins to rotate forward, this is called Protrusive bite (Bull Dog Bite). This causes the muscles and tendons to stretch permanently, changing the facial appearance and ageing the face, along with tension headaches and inability to chew most foods effectively.

The World Health Organization states, standard dentures should be replaced at least every 6 years and relined every two years, BPS dentures will last up to two and a half times longer without obvious tooth and denture wear, but still need relining every two years due to the natural changes to the mouth. ALL dentures need regular checks, oral cancers and other dental issues can develop without the denture wearers knowledge. A regular checkup may save your life.

BPS dentures enhancement of lip support beforeBPS dentures enhancement of lip support after
BPS Dentures BPS® precision dentures

BPS Ivocap dentures are manufactured using a continuous heat injection system. Ivocap eliminates all the discrepancies in processing dentures, giving a much more accurate fit and a harder, denser and stronger acrylic, which means less staining and denture odour. Ivocap BPS dentures are also stronger and last longer than conventional dentures. All materials used in the manufacture of BPS dentures must come from the same manufacturer so that everything is compatible for a measureable consistent result. High quality standards ensure that BPS dentures meet your individual requirements. The masticatory movements and the sensitivity of the oral mucous membranes are taken into consideration, as well as the wearing comfort during daily use, such as eating or speaking.

Even at the impression and trial insert stage of your dentures BPS dentures are more advanced using Stratos Articulator, Accudent Tray Systems and Vinlypolysiloxane Impression Materials where needed to achieve the most accurate aesthetic functional results.

Australia’s only 2 year warranty BPS dentures

Other clinics may offer a ‘Premium Denture’, which is not the standard of BPS dentures and have no written warranty.

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