TCS Dentures

At Denture Professionals we offer more denture options than any other denture clinic in WA.

TCS removable dental appliances are another new product only found at advanced Denture Professionals clinics at Rockingham and Pinjarra.

For partial and full dentures that are more comfortable, a more stable fit, invisible to others while in the mouth and unbreakable, TCS is the answer.

Unbreakable flexible partial dentures with unbeatable strength, extremely resilient high-performance nylon thermoplastic. Ideal for all flexible partial dentures and unilateral dentures.


TCS thermoplastic flexible resin dentures denture professionalsTCS dentures partial dentures

TCS dentures are ideal for semi flexible partial dentures, full dentures, splints and night guards. TCS is a leading USA manufacturer dedicated to the development of materials and equipment for the advancement of Thermoplastic Flexible denture resins, BPA free, monomer free, hyper allergenic for sensitive mouths. TCS is a healthy alternative for partial and full denture wearers who have found the old conventional denture materials such as acrylic, metal chrome cobalt, and vinyl have not met their needs.

Denture Professionals are the only denture manufacturer and denture clinic in the peel region with multiple denture alternatives to individually meet our customer needs. No other clinic and laboratory in the Peel area has made the effort to match their patients needs and improve their appearance, health, and confidence.

TCS unbreakable flexible dentures

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