Denture Professionals are a family business, living locally and spending locally. Colin and Chrystine Duzevich grew up and began their working lives in Narrogin. Daniel Duzevich was born in Narrogin and is a qualified dental technician.

“We know country people and their way of living, understanding that the people we manufacture dentures, mouth guards, and partial dentures for, are the people we are going to meet in the street. We understand just how much a great balanced aesthetic and functional denture can change your personality and health”.

At Denture Professionals we are the most pro-active, health orientated and qualified denture manufacturers in West Australia, Colin has travelled extensively over the world to find the best denture materials and techniques.

Colin was one of the pioneers of Microwave technology of which we process our standard dentures. With BPS Dentures both the clinician and laboratory must be certified. Colin is the only certified clinician and laboratory south of the Canning River all the way to South Australia. Colin was the first Clinician in West Australian to purchase three Ivobase processing units for BPS dentures. This unit reduces the residual monomer gas in the denture to just .7%, lower than any other acrylic denture material.

Colin was one of the only four people Australia wide and the only West Australian to be invited to Bangkok to train at The Royal Bangkok Dental Hospital on the manufacture of Thermosens Partial Denture Material. Thermosens has revolutionised partial denture design being virtually unbreakable and has no wires to retain the denture, making the most lifelike partial denture material on the planet.

The Hansard technique invented by Colin at Denture Professionals enables dentures to be made in just three appointments, two of which are on the same day, giving quicker, and more accurate dentures without the hassle of multiple visits to the denture clinic.

We guarantee no hidden charges after the fitting of our dentures with a Two Year Warranty on the premium BPS Dentures. No one else can match that.

Our Staff

Colin Duzevich | Dental Prosthetist

Colin started his career in 1975 as a Dental Technician in Narrogin, as the first Country apprentice technician in WA.
Colin has been operating Denture Professionals since moving to the Peel region in 1991.
Colin likes to start the day with a nice cup of tea.
In his spare time Colin enjoys boating, camping and staying healthy, as health and fitness are a very important part of his life, along with his wife and two sons. Colin said he would like to be remembered as honest and reliable and as a good husband.
Colin believes in support Local Businesses and utilised their services, both Professionally and Personally wherever possible.

Asha | Dental Prosthetist

Daniel | Dental Technician

Daniel is a trained Dental Technician. He is an expert in the fabrication of dentures. His passion is for cars, spending time with his family and friends. Daniel would like to advance his skills and become a Prosthetist.

Ethan | Apprentice Dental Technician

Cathy | Office Administrator

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