Chrome Cobalt (CoCr) Partial Dentures

Sometimes referred to as Metal Dentures, Chrome Dentures or Titanium Dentures.

Chrome Cobalt Partial Dentures consist of a cast Cobalt/chrome base plate that surrounds your existing natural teeth. Usually, the artificial teeth that are replacing your missing teeth are attached to the CoCr base plate with acrylic.

CoCr dentures are considered to be the most durable of all the partial denture materials and tend to last longer than acrylic dentures. Due to their durability, CoCr dentures have much less incidence of breaks when dropped or during eating.

Advantages of Chrome Cobalt Dentures

Strength – The inherent qualities of cobalt and chrome means the dentures are far sturdier and more rigid than other partial denture materials. This results in a higher resistance to breaks during mastication.

Stability – CoCr dentures have a greater level of stability with little to no flex, meaning they can resist greater bite forces applied by irregular opposing teeth.

Comfort – In addition to superior strength CoCr dentures can be extremely comfortable. For many partial denture wearers, the size of their dentures, (especially if made solely of acrylic) can be an issue to speech and tongue movement, affecting Phonetics and taste. CoCr dentures are the thinnest of materials, they are light weight and far less cumbersome than other materials.

Hygiene – Due to the precise fit of the CoCr denture there is less build up of food, plaque and other residual debris on the polished surface of the metal denture base.

Grip – The metal clasps and retainers on a CoCr denture can be adjusted to deliver optimal stability and are less prone to breaks and loss of fit and retention. This ensures a much more enjoyable dining experience.

Convenience – Denture teeth attached to the CoCr denture base can be easily replaced, sometimes avoiding the need to replace the entire denture. This is called remodeling the denture. Another convenience is that the upper partial denture usually does not need the full palate to be covered as is done with an upper partial acrylic denture.

Ideal Candidates for Chrome Cobalt Partial Dentures

Chrome (CoCr) partial dentures are ideal for patients whose remaining natural teeth are in good condition and unlikely to be lost in the near future.

How long do Chrome Cobalt dentures last?

If maintained and regular checks are done at 6 month intervals (or as recommended by your Dental Prosthetist) and if remaining teeth are healthy, your CoCr denture can last many years. The acrylic denture will wear out and need to be replaced at approximately 5 to 6 years, depending on what you eat and the condition of your opposing teeth.

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