Because we offer a full range of denture services and everyone’s mouth is different, our Dental Prosthetist would need to assess your unique situation in order to offer you suitable choices for your treatment plan. Please ring 9592 8980 for an appointment to discuss your needs.

This can vary from patient to patient, but on average, after your initial consultation, based on weekly appointments, you would have your new denture in 4-5 weeks. For those patients suitable for the Hansard Technique, new dentures can be made within 3 appointments over a one week period.

Denture repairs can generally be done within 2 hours depending on the degree of difficulty and our workload. Apart from our normal opening hours, we offer a 24/7 emergency denture repair service so you can avoid the embarrassment of going without your teeth any longer than needed. There is an after hours call out fee for this service. For those wishing to wait while we perform a repair, we have a private room where you can wait in comfort.

As with most things, how long it lasts can depend on how well it is looked after. Your Denture Professional should check your mouth and dentures for wear and fit every year. With proper care and maintenance, it is reasonable to expect your denture to last between 5 to 10 years, but only if you have had regular checkups and relines as required.

They must be kept as clean as possible to prevent inflamed gums, bacterial and fungal infections or further tooth loss. We recommend that you clean your dentures twice a day and after eating when necessary. Always remove your denture for cleaning and ensure you also brush your gums to stimulate blood circulation.

The general rule is to always rely on a soaking solution (such as Dent-U-FRESH®) and brush only when necessary and then only with a specially designed soft denture brush. Always clean your dentures over a bowl of water or a folded towel in case you drop them. Rinse your dentures thoroughly before soaking, to help remove any food debris. If you need to brush your dentures, be careful not to scrub too hard as this may cause grooves in the surface thereby allowing stains or plaque to build up. Make sure you clean all surfaces of the dentures, including the surface which touches your gums. This is especially important if you use any kind o denture adhesive. Do NOT clean you dentures with toothpaste. Look on our Products page for some products you can use to keep your denture clean.

We recommend removing your dentures at least twice a day to allow massaging of the supporting tissue thereby encouraging adequate blood flow to that tissue. However, we appreciate that you may not wish to leave your dentures out for extended periods, so during your cleaning routines simply brush the supporting tissue with a soft toothbrush. If you do remove your dentures overnight, we suggest that you leave them in water to prevent any warping or cracking.

It is important to have your mouth and dentures checked every year, even if you think everything is fine. Regular maintenance and check-ups not only ensure health of your mouth and supporting tissue, they also ensure the maximum life expectancy for your denture.

Yes. There are some restrictions though. Just let us know your details and we can check your eligibility for treatment.

No. But we do give all our patients the respect and care they deserve.

NO. You can book directly with our Denture Prosthetist for all your denture and mouth guard needs.

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