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Hansard Denture Technique

The Hansard Denture Technique (just three appointments over two days), was developed by Colin Duzevich to speed up the denture fabrication process, without losing effective fit and function of the dentures. While operating his clinic in country Great Southern, Colin noticed many clients had to travel long distances to appointments at his clinic. Many of them were low income workers who lost a day’s pay when travelling to each appointment. Usually dentures take at least 6 appointments to fabricate and then more appointments for adjustments if needed.

Using the clients existing dentures, with an advanced PVS impression material, and taking careful notes and measurements on the changes we need to implement, we use the Hansard Denture Technique to fabricate the new dentures to enhance your smile and mastication.

Over just three appointments, two of which are on the same day, three hours apart, means less time lost from work or other appointments. We replace what has worn out from the old dentures, enhance the existing teeth set up to your requirements with your input as to what you want to achieve.

We give a 12 month written warranty on mid-range denture options and a 2 year warranty on the BPS denture option using the Hansard Denture Technique.

Ask our friendly staff about this innovative technique.

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