Having a great dental prosthetist is the first step to help ensure your dentures are well maintained. These tips apply to both partial dentures and full dentures as well.


The most important item in your denture care routine will be your brush. A sturdy brush with soft bristles is the best choice for brushing your dentures. You need to be careful when brushing your false teeth and so the soft bristles are perfect for this job. You should be cleaning your dentures thoroughly daily using a non-abrasive cleaner. Once you have cleaned your dentures, be sure to rinse them properly before inserting them. If any of the cleaner is left on the dentures it can, in some cases, cause irritation to your gums.


When brushing your dentures, always do it over a half-filled sink of water. That way if you drop your false teeth in the sink, the water will break their fall and you are far less likely to get broken.


Your dentures must be left in a denture bath or an ultrasonic cleaner for at least 10 minutes every day. You can purchase either of these items at our Practice in Rockingham or Pinjarra. Soaking your dentures is important because it removes and inhibits the growth of bacteria and with bacteria comes odour and unpleasant tastes. You see your dentures are quite porous despite their solid appearance. Those tiny little holes are all able to trap and hold bacteria and in soaking your false teeth, you eliminate 99.9% of the nasty little bugs that like to hide there.


If you are pressed for time (and who isn’t these days), pop your dentures in to soak before jumping in the shower. You and your false teeth can get clean at the same time! Another top tip? Your dentures do not need to be soaked all night. You read that right. They should actually be cleaned and then left out overnight.


At least twice a year you should make an appointment at your denture clinic to have your false teeth cleaned by a professional. While you are there you should also have your mouth checked for any abnormalities that may have developed. If your teeth require any kind of denture repair or adjustment, this should always be carried out by a trained professional. Never attempt to fix your false teeth at home.


Your denture should be checked each year.  You can book online through our webpage or contact Denture Professionals at our Pinjarra location on 9507 5758 OR our Rockingham location on 9592 8980. We specialise in dentures and pride ourselves on not only our quality, but our service as well.